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Insurance Questions
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Understanding health insurance plans can be confusing to most consumers. Many don't know where to look or whom to contact for information on the coverage of speech-language pathology services, audiology services, as well as programs and devices. This section will provide further information and contacts to assist you in understanding and obtaining the coverage you need to receive speech and hearing services.

In order to understand your health care coverage, you must first be able to identify what type of health plan you may have. There are 3 different insurance plans available to consumers:

Private Health Plans are the most common. These are health plans offered by employers to their employees. These plans vary widely depending on the benefits and coverage levels negotiated by your employer. You may need to examine the policy carefully to truly understand your health plan's coverage and limitations. These types of plans can also be purchased by an individual regardless of your employment. 

Medicaid is government funded health care, typically provided for low-income individuals and families.

Medicare is government funded health care, typically provided for individuals ages 65 and over.


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