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Audiology Services for Seniors
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Age-related hearing loss is not definite for all seniors, but it is very common with aging. It can be coupled with noise exposure, illness, or use of certain medications that have occurred over many years of life. There are many studies that estimate hearing loss affects up to:

- 40% of adults over 65 years

- 60% of adults over 75

- 80% of adults over 85 years

After appropriate testing, Audiologists can recommend rehabilitative options and helpful medical hearing devices for seniors. Because good communication requires cooperation from both talker and listener, Audiologists also provide lifestyle information and ideas, especially in regard to hearing in public spaces. To provide the best treatment, Audiologists must understand the all of the factors with age-related hearing loss.

Family members are encouraged to participate in appointments, both for the patient's benefit and for their own information. Hearing Aids can be very effective but it is also important for other supporting family to understand their features. Having trouble hearing can make it hard to understand and follow a doctor's advice, to respond to warnings, and to hear doorbells and alarms. It can also make it hard to enjoy talking with friends and family. All of this can be frustrating, embarrassing, and even dangerous. Your treatment will depend on your hearing loss, so some treatments will work better for you than others. There are a number of devices and aids that can improve hearing loss.