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Audiology Services for Children
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Pediatric audiology is specialized care for both infants and young children who are experiencing hearing problems or sound recognition issues. Finding hearing problems early in a child's life is essential for treatment of these issues and prevention of further hearing problems.

One area of treatment involves middle ear conditions, which can lead to chronic or repeated ear infections. Other conditions treated include:

-Evaluation and treatment of hearing loss

-Malformations of different areas of the ear

-Sensory hearing disorders

-Hearing problems caused by gastroesophageal reflux

-Detection and removal of foreign objects from the ear canal

The Audiologist will perform hearing tests in order to determine the cause of the child's needs. These tests include sound evaluation, external and internal exams of the ears. After the examination and diagnosis, the Pediatric Audiologist will work to find the best method of treatment for your child. There are many types of devices that help to correct problems with hearing. Also, installation of tubes in the ears could be necessary to treat and prevent infections.

Surgery can be performed when foreign objects need to be removed or to fix a malformation of the ear. There are also many types of therapy to help improve certain hearing problems, such as a sensory hearing condition.

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